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Russian Pedicure!

Discover the charm of elegant nails, the ultimate expression of beauty and confidence. Style with flawless pedicure that reflects your personality.

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Russian Pedicure

Not your average pedicure, this is our renowned dry pedicure. During this customized treatment, we use an electric file to remove calluses on the bottom of your foot, ensuring you’re left with babysoft surfaces. Choose an Airdry or Gel polish application.
1 hour 15 minutes |  Senior $120, Top Master $140

Indulge in
Ultimate Relaxation

For an elevated experience, discerning clients are invited to book simultaneous manicure and pedicure services by reaching out to our spa via phone. Kindly note, a 10% upcharge applies for simultaneous bookings.

Lovely studio and amazing service! Highly recommend.


Never underestimate the power of elegant nails to make a statement of impeccable beauty and confidence. Your nails are an accentuated extension of your expression ‒ make them magnificent! Try out our different manicure treatments.

Packages for Russian Pedicure

3 Pack


with Top Master

5 Pack

$630/ $700

with Top Master

3 Pack

$342/ $360

with Senior Technician

5 Pack

$540/ $600

with Senior Technician

Discover the Difference Before & After Results

Come in for a Soothing Place to Relax

If you’re looking for a nail salon near you that offers a soothing environment, you will adore our fully
equipped spa with private, elegant rooms and hygienic facilities. We’d love to have you over for
some champagne or tea and a chat! We prioritize individualized care for your best beauty outcomes.

Answers to Common Questions

Russian pedicure, also known as the “dry pedicure” is a foot treatment that focuses on the removal of dead skin, calluses, and corns without soaking the feet in water. It involves using specialized tools to gently exfoliate and shape the nails. This technique prioritizes hygiene and quality, leaving your feet smooth and relaxed.

You certainly can!  We use the dry Russian method in our pedicures, too.  Your feet will be the softest they have been in YEARS.

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