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Discover the irresistible charm of perfectly manicured nails as they effortlessly improve your style; radiate confidence with every gesture! Your nails, a canvas of self-expression, speak boldly about your impeccable taste.

Need a Combination Manicure?

Combination Manicure

If you are prone to dry cuticles and/or hangnails, indulge in our Combination Manicure! Employing a refined electric file or traditional hardware, our technicians will safely buff away and remove excess and dry cuticles. This technique guarantees prolonged nail health surpassing the average manicure. The combination manicure offers air-dry and our exquisite gel polish, elevating your nail treatment to unparalleled sophistication.

**PLEASE NOTE: if you have thin, weak, brittle, or over-filed nails, do not book this service. In this case, we recommend the Russian Manicure with Fiber Gel or Hard Gel add-on. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the longevity of your manicure. Also please note that if you come to us with a gel or hard gel manicure from another spa/salon, there will be a $25-50 removal fee. Please book the removal as an add-on service. Thank you for understanding.

1 hour 15 minutes |  Senior $90, Top Master $100

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Russian Manicure

Never underestimate the power of elegant nails to make a statement of impeccable beauty and confidence. Your nails are an accentuated extension of your expression.

Russian Manicure with Nail Extensions

Experience the excellence of a Russian manicure. Enhance your style with precision and quality. Transform your appearance and embody elegance with every action.

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Ultimate Relaxation

For an elevated experience, discerning clients are invited to book simultaneous manicure and pedicure services by reaching out to our spa via phone. Kindly note, a 10% upcharge applies for simultaneous bookings.

Always have a wonderful experience here! Right when you walk into the door you are invited by the kindest ladies, with the highest of expertise- never disappoints!

-Kirra Truesdale

Revel in the sensation of perfectly shaped nails, nourished cuticles, and a flawless finish, all tailored to elevate your style and sophistication. Embrace elegance, one exquisite detail at a time.

Add- On Services

Add- On Services

Popular Packages

3 Combination Manicure

with Senior Technician

5 Combination Manicure

$405/ $445
with Senior Technician

3 Combination Manicure

$285/ $300
with a Top Technician

5 Combination

$450/ $500
with a Top Technician

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If you’re looking for a nail salon near you that offers a soothing environment, you will adore our fully
equipped spa with private, elegant rooms and hygienic facilities. We’d love to have you over for
some champagne or tea and a chat! We prioritize individualized care for your best beauty outcomes.

Answers to Common Questions

While both types of manicure focus on shaping the nails and giving a beautiful, polished appearance, the Russian Manicure goes so much further!  The attention to detail in a Russian manicure is incomparable.  A traditional manicure consists of the nails/hands being soaked, followed by the cuticles being pushed back and trimmed if necessary.  Finally, polish is added as the last step.  However, soaking nails can expand/swell the nail bed, and any polish applied to a soaked nail could peel or crack much more quickly than polish applied in a completely dry method. In a Russian manicure, the entire service is performed on dry hands.   Utilizing a gentle electronic file, the nail technician gently buffs the cuticles and skin around the nails, and then trims away any excess.  The look is clean and absent of any hangnails or dry cuticles.  Such attention to the cuticle means the manicure will last 3-4 weeks (vs. the 2-week longevity of a regular manicure.) At Gilded Ritual, our Russian Manicure also features polish alignment: a dry technique that will give any nail the illusion of a perfect arch–even if your nails naturally have ridges or grow at an angle, etc.  Your hands will look the most beautiful they have ever looked!
The combination manicure is so-named because our nail technicians will use a combination of methods to give the desired result.  They will use their e-file and will also sometimes use a manual nail file.  The cuticles will receive the same attention and care that our Russian Manicure gives; however, the Combination Manicure does NOT include polish alignment.

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