Gilded Ritual

Revitalize Your Skin: Exploring the Benefits of Gilded Ritual Spa’s Facials

Skincare is more than a luxurious indulgence and home treatments often fall short bringing the best out of your skin. They rarely deliver long-lasting results, which is not worth your time or effort. Maintaining youthful, radiant skin is also not always easy with our busy schedules. But our diverse range of facials at Gilded Ritual […]

From Brows to Toes: Gilded Ritual Spa’s Expert Guide to Waxing Services

Silk-like skin can feel like a lavish secret to indulge in on the busiest of days. It can be an instant confidence booster, making every day feel just that much more special. With so many hair-free options to choose from, there are several benefits to waxing. Lustrous results, exfoliated skin, and convenient treatment make it […]

Beyond the Gilded Age: Reimagining Nail Art for the Modern Muse

Gone are the days when nail art was considered poor taste. It has revolutionized the industry in recent years, transcending what has become a tradition while appealing to clients with a range of unique preferences and styles. Nails should complement you, but they need to be reimaged for modernity. With Gilded Ritual, our nail technicians […]

Beyond Beauty: The Self-Care Rituals of Gilded Ritual Spa

Self-care in beauty form goes beyond treatments. Gilded Ritual’s luxurious facial massages in New York are an exceptional way to form a mind-body connection. Taking the time to destress, calm your mind, and relieve your body can be challenging, but with our expert range of treatments, we can support your journey towards a nurtured and […]

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